Wolfe Heavy Equipment Trenchers

Wolfeman-8000 Trencher

Wolfe trenchers lead the industry in reliability and innovation. Built solidly on Cat or Cummins power plants with Cat or Track Solutions undercarriages, they are proven to hold grade in tough conditions. State of the art electronic control systems and other innovations insure smooth operation. These units are built tough to handle your demands and get the job done.

Tesmec Bucket Wheel Trenchers

Tesmec 1075 Trencher

Tesmec Bucket Wheel Trenchers are designed for high-productivity in dirt and light rocky soils. The buckets can be equipped with spade or conical teeth to deal with differing ground conditions. Cross Country Pipeline offers the 1075 BW model.

Models / Quick Specs

Model Wolfeman 7000
Trench Depth 7 feet
Trench Depth 24 to 36 inches
Machine Weight(Approx) 52,500 lbs.
34 Inch Wide Conveyor, 9 feet or 11 feet long
Model Wolfeman 8000
Trench Depth 8 feet
Trench Width 24 to 46 inches
Machine Weight(Approx) 64,000 lbs.
36-inch Wide Conveyor 9 feet or 11-1/2 feet long

Manufacturer Specs »

Model Tesmec 1075 BW
Trench Depth 7 feet
Trench Width 20 to 40 inches
Machine Weight(Approx) 83,000 to 92,000 lbs.
36-inch Wide Conveyor 13 feet long

Manufacturer Specs »